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Residential Metal Roofing Prices – Buying Guide

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Are you in the market for a new metal roof for your house? If so, there is still time left to install a new metal roof, before the upcoming Winter season, with all the heavy snow and cold weather, which could seriously hinder the installation process. 🙁

We have written this guide in order to help you make a better-informed buying decision. — The guide covers the history of residential metal roofing in the US, along with benefits and pros & cons of modern metal roofing, important environmental considerations, and side-by-side comparisons to other common roof types. Up-to-date consumer pricing information is provided towards the end of this guide.

Historical Background:

Believe it or not, there was a time when residential metal roofing was pretty much unheard of in the United States. Then, came along the metal roof of Monticello, which was commissioned by our third president, Thomas Jefferson who was inspired during his stay in Paris where many roofs were covered with zinc, which is not only beautiful, but also happens to be a long lasting building material.

Thus, inspired by the idea of a long lasting and durable roof made of metal, Thomas Jefferson further developed Monticello roof design, and that was how metal roofing became the new statement of high-end, residential architecture in the US.

Although, several other people have followed the suit, residential metal roofing didn’t really take off in America (until recently – a decade or so in the “fast-track” lane) the way it did in Europe.

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