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Water Collection Systems for Standing Seam Metal Roofs

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Standing Seam Metal Roof Have you ever considered getting a rainwater collection system for your home? A standing-seam metal roof with its smooth surface provides an ideal platform for harvesting rainwater using a sloped metal roof. Englert Inc., a metal roofing and leafless gutter manufacturing company committed to the environmental cause is now offering a 3 in 1 fully integrated standing seam metal roofing system combined with a leafless gutter, and enhanced with a rainwater collection system that collects rainwater for non-potable use.

A water collection system can be a viable, energy efficient, and Eco-friendly water collection solution for your home in a remote location or an area with low rainfall. It can also be a suitable system for businesses that use a lot of water for irrigation purposes, for instance country clubs that have many acres of lawns that require regular watering. It is also a great way to boost the Eco-friendly image of your home or place of business.

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Written by Metal Roofing Pro

July 18th, 2014 at 8:27 am