Is Metal Roofing the Right Option for Your Home?

Metal Roofing Should You Get a Metal Roof for your Home?

Today, more and more homeowners are choosing to go with a metal roof. Why? Simply because a metal roof is a superior quality product that proves to be the best investment for your money. By installing a metal roof on your home, you will enjoy an unparalleled level of protection, durability and longevity, combined with exceptional curb appeal and increased value for your home.

Here are some key advantages of metal roofs that can help you determine whether it is right for your home.

Peace of mind

Imagine how great it would feel knowing that your metal roof is the last roof you will ever need to install on your home. You will no longer need to worry and loose sleep over leaks, which have probably caused you a great deal of hardship in the past. In addition to being leak-free, a metal roof roof is not susceptible to many other issues such as rot, rust, mold and mildew build-up, as well as insect infestation, that are common to other roofing materials, requiring attention and money to fix. 

Unbeatable protection against weather extremes

If your home is located in a region prone to weather extremes, no other roof will keep your home as safe as metal. Metal roofs have a solid track record of withstanding even the most severe weather conditions, such as strong wind, hurricanes, hail ice, heavy rain and snow, blazing sun, and even earthquakes. Metal roofs are also none-combustible, and offer superior fire protection.

Lasting curb appeal

Whether you are looking for an ultra-modern look or a timeless classic, metal roofs have it all. With a metal roof, you style and color choices are virtually limitless: in addition to standing seam metal panels, a metal roof can be manufactured to replicate the look of shingles, shakes, and tiles that appeal to so many homeowners, but without the disadvantages of the original material. Best of all, the high quality of finishes allows your metal roof to maintain its stunning looks for years to come.

Numerous Metal Options

Metal roofs can be manufactured from different types of metals, each of which has its own unique properties and advantages. The most common type of metal that homeowners chose is Galvalume steel, which is the most economical metal roof option, and can come in a variety of profiles, such as standing seam panels, shingles, shakes and tiles. Aluminum metal roofs are more expensive than steel, but offer lighter weight, and are virtually permanent as they will not corrode.

Aluminum roofs offer the same style options as steel roofs. It is also possible to have your roof made with premium metals such as zinc or copper, both of which are extremely expensive, but offer stunning looks, which cannot be achieved with other metals, such as steel or aluminum, since they have to be painted. Typically, zinc and copper roofs are manufactured as standing seam panels, but copper can also be custom molded into other styles, such as copper shingles, copper tile, and flat-lock copper panels with soldered seams (typically used on flat roofs).

Energy efficiency

Why spend more on your heating and cooling costs, if you don’t have to? Whether you are heating or cooling your home, a metal roof can help significantly reduce in the amount of energy that gets wasted and lower your monthly electric bill. A metal roof will reflect heat away from your home in the summer and will help trap it in the winter, therefore optimizing the amount of energy your home consumes. With a metal roof, you can expect as much as 25% on your energy bill.

Long-term savings

It makes sense to invest into a metal roof if you are planning to stay in your home for at least one re-roofing cycle (typically 12-20 years). While a metal roof will initially cost more than most other roofing options, over a period of time it will provide a solid return on investment. Keep in mind, that most common roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles, will need to be replaced about every 10-12 years, and roofing prices double about every 10 years. By contrast, you metal roof will last at least 50 years. Moreover, once you install a metal roof, you will not need to spend additional money on maintenance and repairs, which are necessary with most other roofing materials, and over time end up costing a small fortune.

Increased value of your home

Do you like to plan for the future and care about the value of your home? In case you ever decide to sell you house, a metal roof is an ideal investment. As far as first impressions go, you can be sure that prospective buyers will be impressed by the stunning beauty and fresh new look of your metal roof. Also, since people want to purchase a solid home, a metal roof’s exceptional durability, longevity, and low-maintenance will be a highly desirable feature for buyers. The fact that a metal roof will outlast most other roofing materials by decades will actually increase the resale value of your home.


If you want a green roof, no other material beats metal. You can feel great about the fact that your metal roof is manufactured from at least 30% recycled metal (recycled content can be as high as 95%) and can be 100% recycled at the end of its service life. Your metal roof can even prevent your old roof from going to the landfill, because in most instances it is light enough to be installed right over your old roof.

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